Columbus Viaducts Project

The proposed project includes closure of at-grade railroad crossings and construction of grade-separated crossings of the Union Pacific Railroad corridor at three locations in Columbus:

  • Pedestrian overpass at 18th Avenue
  • Vehicular viaduct at Third Avenue
  • Vehicular viaduct at 12th Avenue

The project also proposes closure of three additional at-grade railroad crossings: vehicular crossings at 25th Avenue and 21st Avenue and a pedestrian-only crossing at 17th Avenue.

Construction Progress

The 3rd Avenue Vehicle and 18th Avenue Pedestrian overpass are complete, the 12th Avenue Vehicle Viaduct is under construction and scheduled for completion in late 2020.


The purpose of the proposed project is:

  • To improve accessibility by increasing the number of grade-separated crossings in the city
  • To improve safety by reducing the potential for trains to collide with vehicles and pedestrians
  • To improve the efficiency of the city's transportation system by reducing delay for vehicle and pedestrian traffic (including for emergency response) during the passage of trains


The proposed project will address the following needs:

  • Access restrictions and emergency response delays due to blocked crossings
  • Current and future vehicular delay due to blocked crossings
  • Safety concerns related to at-grade crossings

The Columbus Viaducts Project is the culmination of many years of discussion regarding these transportation issues, and over the years there have been numerous studies of potential solutions.

Environmental Assessment

The Federal Highway Administration has approved the Environmental Assessment for the Columbus Viaducts Project and has determined that the project will have no significant impacts on the human or natural environment. The final Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) are now available:

Environmental Commitment

The 12th Avenue Viaduct Environmental Commitment is also available for reference: