Dealing With Wildlife

Wildlife in Our Community

As our city grows Animal Control receives and responds to more wildlife calls. If you are experiencing problems with wildlife here are some tips on how to prevent wildlife from taking over your home.

Check Your Home

Make sure all windows have screens without gaps and holes. Close off spaces under porches and decks where animals are most likely to make their den. Fill in holes around foundations, screen vents, chimneys, attic fans, and dryer vents with 1/4 inch wire mesh.

Change Your Routine

It is easier for you to change your behavior than persuading your unwelcome friends to change theirs. Wait until the morning to take the trash out and make sure your garbage cans have tight lids. Also, if you feed your pet outside, take the food inside when your pet is done eating.

Making Your Yard Less Friendly

Eliminating hiding places such as wood piles and storage sheds with space under the floor can make your yard less attractive to wildlife.

Additional Information

Contact the Animal Control office for information on how to handle wildlife on your property.