Gloved Hand Holds BatBenefits From Bats

Bats have a bad reputation and it is often overlooked that they do some good. For example, on a good night they are capable of eating 1,000 mosquitoes, which is good news to hear with the threat of West Nile Virus. If you or your pet have contact with a bat contact Animal Control immediately at (402) 564-8839. Below are some prevention measures to take:

Bat Found Inside Your Home

If a bat is found in your home confine it to one room and contact Animal Control. But, Animal Control is not equipped to get bats out of attics, fireplaces, or behind walls. Your will need to call a professional if that is the case.

TestingBat in Flight

Only bats that have contact or are in close proximity with a human or a pet need to be tested for rabies. If your pet is not current with its rabies vaccination you will need to be in contact with Animal Control and your veterinarian immediately.


Try to figure out how the bat entered your home. Check around your house to see if there are any gaps in screens and make sure all openings are covered with 1/4-inch wire mesh. If you are not able to figure out how the bat entered your home, call a professional and have them inspect it. Call Animal Control for a list of bat removal companies.