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Fall 2022 Brochure now Available: Click Here


August 23/24 Fall Adult Softball Leagues start 
September 1 Fall Program Registration Begins 
September 10 Fall Kick Off Party @ Aquatic Center 5-7pm 
September 10 Reef's Dive and Movie: Husker Football Game 7-9pm @ Aquatic Center
September 13 Fit Mat Class Begins: Noon-12:40pm @ Aquatic Center (6 week session)
September 18 "Fall into the Park" Hunt: Centennial Park 3pm-5pm 
September 19 Session 1 of Swim Lessons Begin @ Aquatic Center 
September 24 Coral's Classes: Aqua-Science 4-6pm @ Aquatic Center
October 3 Session 2 of Swim Lessons Begin @ Aquatic Center
October 8 Reef's Dive and Move: Hocus Pocus 7-9pm @ Aquatic Center
October 9 Pumpkin Carving Contest: 3-5pm @ Frankfort Square
October 17 Session 3 of Swim Lessons Begin @ Aquatic Center
October 22 Pumpkin Run 2022: 3-5pm @ Pawnee Park 
October 22 Coral's Classes: Dunkin Pumpkin 4-6pm @ Aquatic Center
November 5 Reef's Dive and Movie: Free Birds 7-5pm @ Aquatic Center 
November 7 Session 4 of Swim Lessons Begin @ Aquatic Center
November 13 Draw in the "Hall"idays: 3-5pm @ Aquatic Center
November 19 Coral's Classes: Thanks-Swimming 4-6pm @ Aquatic Center 
December 3 Reef's Dive and Movies: Home Alone: 7-9pm @ Aquatic Center
December 5 Session 5 of Swim Lessons Begin @ Aquatic Center
December 11 Candy Cane Hunt: 3-5pm @ Glur Park 
December 17 Coral's Classes: Cookies, Cocoa & Cannonballs: 4-6pm @ Aquatic Center
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Fall Brochure is now available: Click Here 

All Fall Program registration begins September 1

Get to know our new exciting programs at the Aquatic Center:  

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