2022 Fall League Information

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As you fill out the Adult Columbus Softball & Nebraska ASA Waiver/Release of Liability & Roster Form, please keep the following in mind. 

  • Rosters must be returned the Parks & Rec staff by August 17th, 2022. Team registrations will be at the Gerrard Concession stands and available to pick up on Tuesdays between 6pm-9pm and Wednesdays between 6pm-10pm. 
  • Remember to circle which league your team would like to play in on the top of the roster 
    1. D=Most Competitive, E-Rec= Least Competitive 
  • Check Yes or No if your team plans on working concession stand. $100 bond this season. 
  • An email address and cell number of team contact is required! This will be the route of communication for league updates and rain outs. 
  • All equipment must comply with the ASA equipment rules for the 2022 season 
  • Regulation bases will be played at a distance of 70’ 
  • All bats used must have an “ASA” certified sticker. If purchasing a new bat, it must have an “ASA 2013” certified sticker on it. 
  • Regulation Balls (must be optic yellow ASA balls). 
  • ASA 2022 Rule book is available on the ASA website at the following address: http://www.ASASoftball.com
  • The roster must be signed by all of the players listed on the form prior to the first game being played. If a player is added during the year, they must contact the Parks and Recreation Coordinator (Sydney Winger) to have the original team roster signed prior to him/her playing their first game. Remember you can only be on one roster in men’s, women’s or coed divisions. A player can NOT play in more than one division in each league. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • Umpire fees are included in your registration fee. 
  • Rescheduling of regular season games must be done prior to September 19, 2022. No games can be rescheduled after September 19, 2022. Each team will only be allowed to reschedule 3 games prior to September 19, 2022. Rainouts are the only exception. 
  • The season will start August 23/24. 
  • Emails & Text messages will be sent to the team captains when the schedule and the team info is ready. 
  • Team registration and league information are available at: http://www.columbusne.us/571/Parks-Recreation

If you have questions please contact Sydney Winger at 402-562-4261 or email her at Sydney.winger@columbusne.us.