2023 Summer Adult Slow Pitch Information

PDF Copy of General Info Click HERE

Gerrard Park Adult Softball Leagues General Sign Up Info

As you fill out the Columbus Parks & Rec/USA Softball of Nebraska Waiver/Release of Liability & Roster Form, please keep the following in mind. 

  • Rosters must be returned the Parks & Rec staff by Monday, May 8th. Team registrations will be at the Gerrard Concession stands and available to pick up on Tuesdays between 6pm-9pm and Wednesdays between 6pm-10pm. 
  • Remember to circle which league your team would like to play in on the top of the roster 
    1. D=Most Competitive, E-Rec= Least Competitive 
  • Check Yes or No if your team plans on working concession stand. If Yes-you will receive $100 off your next registration. 
  • An email address and cell number of team contact is required! This will be the route of communication for league updates and rain outs. 
  • All equipment must comply with the USA equipment rules for the 2023 season 
  • Regulation bases will be played at a distance of 70’ 
  • The official bat for slow pitch must bear either the USA Softball 2000 certification mark, 2004 certification mark, or ASA 2013 certification mark and must not be listed on the USA Softball Non-Approved bat list. All bats must be tested prior to use in state championship play
  • All Men’s and Coed teams will use a 12” optic yellow softball. The ball will be red stitch, 52 COR .300 compression, and be marked with the USA Softball approved stamp. 
  • USA Softball of Nebraska 2023 Rule book is available on the USA Softball of Nebraska website at the following address: https://www.nebraskasoftball.org/ or via the Parks and Rec webpage at: https://columbusne.us/571/Parks-Recreation 
  • The roster must be signed by all of the players listed on the form prior to the first game being played. If a player is added during the year, they must contact the Parks and Recreation Coordinator (Sydney Winger) to have the original team roster signed prior to him/her playing their first game. Remember you can only be on one roster in men’s, women’s or coed divisions. A player can NOT play in more than one division in each league. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • Umpire fees are included in your registration fee. 
  • Rescheduling of regular season games must be done prior to June 12, 2023. No games can be rescheduled after June 12, 2023. Each team will only be allowed to reschedule 3 games prior to June 12, 2023. Rainouts are the only exception. 
  • The Men’s Slowpitch Season will start May 16, 2023 and Coed Slowpitch Season will start May 17, 2023. 
  • Emails & Text messages will be sent to the team captains when the schedule and the team info is ready. 
  • Team registration and league information are available at: http://www.columbusne.us/571/Parks-Recreation

If you have questions please contact Sydney Winger at 402-562-4261 or email her at Sydney.winger@columbusne.us.