23rd St Neighborhood Beautification Grant

The City of Columbus recognizes the inconvenience businesses will experience with the 23rd Street Corridor Reconstruction Project therefore they developed the 23rd St Neighborhood Beautification Program Grant. The program provides property owners with a grant opportunity to incentivize the revitalization and beautification of property located within the Redevelopment area.

Eligible Projects 

The 23rd St Neighborhood Beautification Program Grant can be used for the following program activities located in the Redevelopment Area:

  • Exterior Refurbishment of Existing Structure
    • Repairing building exterior from deteriorating effects of moisture, pollutants, inferior materials or repairing or troubleshooting faulty construction design or workmanship.
    • Painting if in combination with window replacement or façade restoration for bricks, stucco and exterior surfaces that constrains deterioration of the exterior façade.  Painting to just change colors is not considered restoration and is only eligible if the existing windows, doors, awnings, etc. are in good condition as determined by an inspection by the City of Columbus Building Inspector.
    • Painting of permanent signage affixed to the structure.
  • Façade Improvements
    • Installing, restoring, replacing or repairing awnings, windows, doors, cladding and architectural features.
  • Landscaping Installation
    • Addition of landscape elements including trees, flowers and plants, outdoor benches or seating areas and outdoor lighting.
    • Signage
    • Murals and ADA projects to the sidewalks and buildings as long as it meets the national objectives and alleviates blighted conditions.

All projects must comply with the City’s adopted design standards.

Program Details

  • Funding for this Project is made via a grant which will cover up to 50% of the total amount of eligible costs or up to $15,000 per Project, whichever is less.
  • One grant per project site within the Redevelopment Area during the length of the program.  Project sites are defined as distinct and identifiable tax lot within the Redevelopment Area.
  • Person or Entity seeking the grant must be an owner of record for the project site.
  • With the limited amount of funding available each year, the selection of Projects and award of Grants will be competitive, and the determinations shall be made by the Columbus Community Development Agency (CDA) in its exclusive discretion.
  • If an Application is not awarded, the Property Owner may resubmit the Application or submit a new Application during a subsequent Application Period.
  • All projects must be completed within 12 months after the award of the Grant, unless otherwise agreed by the CDA and the Owner.
  • Grant funds will be distributed to the Owner once the Project is completed and eligible costs are certified by the City.

Creating an Application

To create an application under the 23rd St Neighborhood Beautification Program, please fill out the application (PDF) and submit to the City. Completed applications can be emailed to the following individuals or dropped off at City Hall located at 2424 14 Street:

Email Jean Van Iperen
City of Columbus
Planning & Economic Development Coordinator
Office Phone: (402) 562-4273

Email Tara Vasicek
City of Columbus
City Administrator
Office Phone: (402) 562-4233

The Application Period runs from January 1 to January 31 of each calendar year. Applications must be submitted to the City no later than 5 p.m. on January 31. The City will not consider any Applications submitted outside of the Application Period.